Rules and Regulations

Refer to the Technical Instructions and Rejection Criteria before starting the work and before submitting the work to US.

Technical Instructions:-

• User is required to make individual notepad files for every image files.
• Every line of the NOTEPAD should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence the pages shall automatically match with the IMAGE file pages.
• Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file.
• Latin Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters. Ex: “æ” should be typed as “ae” ,“ç” should be typed as “c”, “ê” should be typed as “e”, “á” should be typed as “a” etc.
• Color Text (if found any in the IMAGE file) should be written in BLACK color Text only.
• Always type the text as Regular text. Bold, Italics in NOTEPAD File is not at all required.
• If a word splitted in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
• If a line ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
• User is required to submit all the text files at the time of submission in Fresh work, Rework and Re-rework.
• User is required to submit his/her typed text files only on the time of submission.
• User is required to send his/her notepad files only after doing win-zip/win-rar of the folder.
• User is required to submit text files to E-mail id mentioned in the email only.

Rejection Criteria:-

• File name of the converted word file does not match with the corresponding image file name.
• In completed word files found.
• If any third party software used.
• Any third Party Software used including MS –Office, Character Map or any Shortcut Keys.
• Should not type files in MS Word.
• Accent characters found in any file.
• Any images are found in the word document.
• Text is in other than "Times New Roman" font.
• If colored text are found in any word file.
• If hyperlinks are found in any of the word file.
• Any other files are found in the zip folder except the word document like Temporary files or any other type of file
• If the converted file is not in .txt format or any other extension files found.
• If the completed Job files has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the company.

If any slot is rejected in the first submission or rework submission due to any of the reason mentioned in the rejection criteria then the second party will not be able to get any further reworks.